Tech Tips

Lost devices

You think it would never happen to you… Losing or having your laptop stolen can be extremely stressful, especially if that device is used for work. Having downtime and the cost of buying a new device are not the only problems you are faced with when losing your machine. If your device has not been properly secured, you could have just handed the culprit the keys to your entire database. Losing an unsecured device can be a huge security risk to a business.

Worldwide chip shortage!

Did you know there is currently a worldwide chip shortage? Many day-to-day items use the chips and they can't make them fast enough! That is why we are recommending that if your business needs new devices, it would be better to act now.

Microsoft 365 Editor

What can I do in editor? It's always important to make a great impression. Sometimes our spelling and grammar can let us down. Don't worry, Microsoft 365 Editor is here to the rescue.

Brute force attacks!

Your business can have the best security measures in place and still fall victim to a brute force attack! Having weak passwords is a major contributor to the success of these attacks. Imagine a Burglar having all the keys on your keyring and trying all of them to get in until eventually choosing the correct one (forcing their way in). Strong passwords, Multi factor authentication (MFA) and limited log in attempts will help reduce the success rate of these attacks.

Firewall and network security

A fortress is only as strong as it is built to be! This is exactly the same when it comes to your firewall. A firewall controls the traffic that is allowed to enter and leave your network. If this has not been configured properly it will leave you vulnerable to attack.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an essential tool when trying record notes on the go. Did you know that you can also translate your notes into different languages as well? Watch this video to find out how!