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About Virtuous Developments

Virtuous Developments aims for a “best in class” service, from initial consultation to project completion and beyond. Accessibility is key; they prioritise building relationships with clients through open communication.

James and Sam are always available for direct contact, emphasising trust-building and client satisfaction. It’s a common-sense approach ensuring transparency and collaboration throughout every step of the project journey.

The Challenges

When we first came into contact with Virtuous Developments, they had only just started trading, meaning they had a blank slate when it came to IT infrastructure. Their primary goals were scalability and security from day one. They opted for a per-user model, allowing them to scale seamlessly as their business grew.

Starting as a tabletop business, Virtuous were cautious about large upfront investments, especially given the uncertain future. They sought a trusted partner who could guide them through the entire process, avoiding common pitfalls.

The struggle that they faced was the fact they knew they needed the structure of a strong IT backbone but didn’t know where to start, leading them to hunt for a trusted, reliable, and professional partner.

The Solutions

Zinq IT set up Virtuous Developments on Microsoft 365 as a brand-new company. With minimal previous infrastructure, we upgraded existing endpoints to Windows Pro and streamlined identity management through Microsoft 365. Communication tools like Outlook and Teams were configured for seamless collaboration.

A basic file structure in SharePoint accommodated their initial needs, but as the company expanded, additional endpoints and users were seamlessly integrated. Growth brought changes, meaning the initial SharePoint structure needed adjustments to meet industry compliance requirements. Zinq IT collaborated closely with Virtuous Developments to tailor a SharePoint solution that addressed compliance needs effectively.

The Impact

The early adoption of a scalable Microsoft 365 infrastructure eliminated growing pains. They now have the flexibility to adjust their size as needed. Along with this, increased productivity and the absence of server hardware worries keep their focus squarely on business growth.

Client Quote

“We have worked in partnership with Zinq from the very beginnings of our business venture. We have found them to be professionally driven, responsive and knowledgeable, helping us to tackle a variety of issues we simply do not have the skillset to undertake. This has allowed us to concentrate on what we are good at, knowing our IT systems are always in safe hands.

Thanks, Zinq for your hard work and efforts over the years, both with day-to-day support and system development at project levels.”

James Wilson, Managing Director at Virtuous Developments

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