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Antivirus (AV) solutions are still the major players in protecting endpoints and do a great job of defending your network and devices against known threats. As the threat landscape is ever evolving, we are on hand to ensure you stay ahead of the curve with additional protection. Everything a modern AV does, EDR takes a step further, such as protection against zero-day attacks, providing greater security and more importantly peace of mind.

Real Time Endpoint Protection

Multiple patented AI algorithms protect against the widest array of threat vectors. Eliminate dependency on connectivity, cloud latency, and human intervention. On-device AI prevents known and unknown threats in real-time.

Active Detection and Response

Devices self-defend and heal themselves by stopping processes, quarantining, remediating, and even rolling back events to surgically keep endpoints in a perpetually clean state. Hunt more and pivot less.

How SentinelOne EDR will help you:

  • EDR stops known viruses.

  • EDR helps when a ransomware attack takes place to restore the system to the latest version before the attack took place.

  • EDR uses artificial intelligence to detect and prevent threats

  • SentinelOne EDR gives you added peace of mind

  • When a threat is detected the system keeps track of the consequences and changes before, during, and after the attack so the software can reset the system to the correct state before the attack happened.

Cloud Delivered IoT Discovery and Control

SentinelOne Ranger transforms every device into a sentinel, mapping and enforcing the enterprise IoT footprint. Hunt rogue devices, ensure vulnerability hygiene, and segment devices with dynamic policies.

Native Cloud Security

Deploy autonomous CWPP across cloud, container, and server workloads. The building blocks of your secure cloud transformation are visibility, file integrity monitoring, protection, and compliance.

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