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May 2024 - Educational Guide

Behind The Hack

A quick look at how easily your business can be hacked.

Test Your Password

See how long it could take for an attacker to crack your password.

How To Videos

OUTLOOK: Create shortcuts for frequently used functions

OUTLOOK: Sort your emails into eye-catching categories

OUTLOOK: Set your email signature

OUTLOOK: Make a new contact automatically

OUTLOOK: Set your Out of Office auto-response message

OUTLOOK: Keep important email folders at the top

OUTLOOK: Send a team email with one click

OUTLOOK: Stop the annoying email notification sound

OUTLOOK: See all your calendars in a single screen

OUTLOOK: Add other country calendars to your own

OUTLOOK: Insert text into emails really quickly

OUTLOOK: Send emails without reaching for the mouse

OUTLOOK: Automatically file incoming emails

OUTLOOK: Create a good folder structure for your emails

OUTLOOK: Reply to emails without using your mouse

POWERPOINT: Use this pointer shortcut to grab attention!

WORD: Creating personal letters in word has never been so easy!

EXCEL: How do I lock headings in Excel?

POWERPOINTS: How do I add sounds to my presentation slides?

WORD: Did you know you can use Microsoft Word to send mass emails?

EXCEL: How to jump back to the top of a spreadsheet

TEAMS: Do not disturb mode.. Stop the pings!

WORD: Setting up short codes to allow you to insert chunks of text

EXCEL: Use flash fill to help you speed up your typing

TEAMS: This shortcut will allow you to send direct messages without breaking your workflow

WORD: The auto text function is a real ‘must use’ shortcut.

EXCEL: How to do super-fast sums with no formulas in sight

TEAMS: How do I quickly turn my camera off during a call?

WORD: Get rid of the annoying welcome screen to get you straight to work.

EXCEL: Turn numbers into currency with just ONE click!

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