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About Portland Resourcing

For more than 30 years, Portland Resourcing has been sourcing expert IT and change management professionals for international businesses. The recruiter specialises in finding candidates with not just the appropriate level of skill and experience, but also local knowledge and language.

Their consultants are trained in the various disciplines of SAP software development and are therefore able to fully understand client requirements whilst headhunting and screening the quality candidates.

The Challenges

Portland was looking to work with a reputable and reliable IT company that could carry out an honest and cost-effective audit of their entire infrastructure and network. On a personal recommendation, they approached us and advised that their software was out of date and that remote access capability was insufficient.

With plans to shut down the office and take the entire team remote, this needed to be rectified. However, with a lot of legacy data, they also needed to maintain a physical server but they had no location in which to host it.

The Solutions

We assisted Portland with the physical closing of their offices, whilst upgrading the software on all company and employee IT assets. After careful assessment, we also recommended that they should not migrate their historical data to the cloud due to the expense and inability to access it easily.

Rather than opt to store their server in a data centre, we came up with a solution to host the server ourselves, where it could be easily accessed, monitored, and maintained.

At the same time, we ensured the whole team could remote to it from a desktop environment anywhere in the world. The server environment is replicated to a secondary location for disaster recovery purposes.

The Impact

Portland’s huge amount of historical data is now stored on a server located in our office and backed up securely to a secondary location, providing our client with peace of mind and a cost-effective hosting solution. We proactively maintain and update the server, giving the team access as and when required.

Staff now also benefit from secure and reliable remote access which is supported by our managed service should anything go wrong or anyone need IT support at any time.

Client Quote

“All we had to do was tell them what we needed, and they just did it. Of course, they kept us updated and explained our options, but our involvement was minimal. The thing about these guys is that they communicate in layman’s terms. They don’t make it complicated, they just make it work. And they even follow up with you to make sure everything is working and that there are no problems. The best thing is that they are extremely personable and responsive and I would highly recommend them over and above any IT support we have had over the last 30 years.”

Paul Birch, Managing Director at Portland Resourcing

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