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About CAN Advertising

Windsor-based CAN Advertising is a marketing agency specialising in delivering creative, impactful and results-driven campaigns for the healthcare sector. Since starting with just two account handlers in 2010, the agency has grown to a team of 20 and even more expert freelancers.

Working with multiple healthcare brands, from those providing psoriasis awareness and malaria prevention to leading dermatologists and self-care app developers, CAN has to be both sensitive and innovative with their campaigns.

As a business, they use multiple tech platforms, software packages and devices to create eye-catching and thought-provoking adverts.

The Challenges

After a demerger, CAN Advertising became its own business, but operating off one of two servers that would eventually become tombstoned (non-functional) when not part of a pair. This meant the company would risk losing data and would be unable to reconnect to the server.

Having grown quite rapidly since the split, it was no longer sustainable to work effectively from multiple software packages and machines, or the existing office. There was also a large network of freelance contractors who supported the core team with tight deadlines; and production who needed fast and easy access to the system.

An infrastructure was needed that would allow the team to work across a range of technology, from the Apple Macs in the studio, to the Windows desktops used by the office staff and account managers.

The Solutions

Initially, we re-imaged and rebuilt the existing server as a temporary fix to avoid any disruption to business operations. Then we made a start on a complete upgrade project ahead of an imminent office move.

A security and health baselining process was carried out on all systems and devices ensuring that the appropriate access was provided to each user and that devices were compliant with cyber security best practices.

This involved preparing a new server, software upgrades and data migration to the new host from a temporary environment, hosted in the Zinq IT offices. Historical cloud data was then copied over to the new server as a back-up record. We also commissioned a lease line fibre (high speed internet connection) in the new premises.

The office move was delayed due to the pandemic. We retained the new infrastructure we had built in our office to allow CAN to continue working during this period. When restrictions were removed, we simply lifted and shifted it over a weekend ready for the CAN team to start work on Monday morning.

All of this was done while ensuring the team had a safe and secure remote environment to work from and the support of our managed service too.

The Impact

CAN Advertising avoided a potential catastrophe thanks to Zinq IT coming up with a temporary solution for their server issues. The work that followed then facilitated a stable environment for remote access, which was critical during the pandemic. When the team were without an office we ensured the continuity of “business as usual”, by hosting their IT Infrastructure and providing secure remote access, before moving it to their new office when restrictions allowed.

All staff have one email and password for all systems, where available, and everything is now compatible with multiple devices. We also developed a fast and simple induction process for the company’s freelance network so there were no delays to production.

Client Quote

“Zinq has provided us with constant support and advice on how to ensure that IT is something that just works and that we barely have to think about! The team are responsive, personable and great to getting things resolved, first time. Whenever I have any issues, I know the team will go above and beyond as best they can to find a resolution. Even if it looks like something impossible, they will never give up! I know our IT is in safe hands and I would highly recommend them to any business.”

Sophie Plowman, Office Manager at CAN Advertising

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