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Infrastructure Solutions

A secure and reliable IT infrastructure forms the foundation of every business’ operations in the digital age. At Zinq IT, we deliver a full spectrum of infrastructure solutions, considering your organisation’s current setup and future objectives every step of the way. Whether you require physical equipment for your offices or cloud-based computing, Zinq IT can deliver what your business needs today, whilst protecting you against tomorrow.

Physical Infrastructure

Zinq IT builds physical server infrastructures that leverage the latest server virtualization platforms, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions. Physical infrastructure can be installed at your business locations or co-located in our partner’s datacentres for added security and flexibility.

Cloud Infrastructure

Harness the power of cloud-based computing and operate efficiently and securely on a global scale using Zinq IT’s fully managed solutions. Our experienced consultants and cloud specialists will design, build and deliver your new infrastructure.

End-user Infrastructure

With physical and virtual infrastructures implemented, we’ll configure employee-facing hardware to access shared file systems, cloud platforms, line of business applications, and all other technical services within your digital architecture.

How IT Infrastructure Solutions Helps Your Business

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

  • Scalability and Flexibility

  • Improved Data Management and Security

  • Increased Business Agility

Ashford Colour Press – Infrastructure solutions

Ashford Colour Press has a highly respected reputation in the printing sector worldwide, being one of the first companies in the UK to adopt a fully digital zero-inventory print-on-demand service and are continuously investing in cutting-edge technology to enhance their productivity. Having worked with Ashford Colour Press for over a decade, Zinq IT was not only well-educated on their set-up, but they had also designed, installed, and managed their existing IT infrastructure and knew what needed to be done to facilitate their growth.

Over a period of months, we worked with them to review their infrastructure. We configured and installed multiple switches and communications cabinets connected by fibre and copper cabling. We also connected their 20+ networks and segregated systems back to a purpose-built server room and with help from third-party vendors, upgraded or refreshed the majority of their networking hardware. The result is increased productivity, greatly reduced network latency and non-disruptive maintenance. Our continued on-site visits, along with our remote monitoring, has helped to minimise support calls for both Zinq IT and the internal IT team at Ashford Colour Press.

Our Other Services

Microsoft 365 Consultants

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Managed IT Services

Complete managed IT solutions and support for your business.

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Cyber Security

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Cyber Essentials

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SentinelOne EDR

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Dark Web Monitoring

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Data Protection and Recovery

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Internet Connectivity

In today’s age the Internet is a crucial resource for all businesses – make sure you remain connected.

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Keeping your infrastructure connected at all times – enabling you to focus on your customers.

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Print Services

Printed media is still essential – Zinq IT can manage the service from end to end.

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Structured Cabling

Don’t overlook your physical cabling, let Zinq IT design and implement the bedrock of your infrastructure.

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VoIP Telephony

Leverage the full power of the Internet and migrate to a SIP-based VoIP phone system.

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Website Design and Hosting

The first place many people will see your brand – make sure it’s impactive and informative.

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WEEE Disposal

Let Zinq IT deal with the old as well as the new when it comes to technology.

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