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Print Services

The world isn’t entirely paperless just yet, so printing remains a noticeable annual cost for businesses. Zinq IT can help minimise this cost across your organisation by maintaining the efficiency of printing equipment and imposing limits on printer usage for
individuals and teams.

Greener Printing

Any well-designed printing infrastructure is built on high-quality machines, which run reliably and are less prone to wasteful errors such as paper jams and toner leaks. Fewer printing problems means reduced resource costs and a reduction in your company’s carbon footprint.

Usage Restrictions

Zinq IT can implement print management systems which will allow you to restrict how many print jobs each end user (employee) will be permitted, including format (e.g. black vs. colour). This has the added benefit of affording you a forecast figure for annual print costs.

Printer Maintenance

An unmaintained printer can cost more per use than a regularly-inspected, frequently-serviced machine. We’ll schedule on-site visits to maintain peak performance across all print devices in use within your organisation.

Our Other Services

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Managed IT Services

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Cyber Security

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Cyber Essentials

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SentinelOne EDR

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Infrastructure Solutions

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Data Protection and Recovery

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Internet Connectivity

In today’s age the Internet is a crucial resource for all businesses – make sure you remain connected.

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Keeping your infrastructure connected at all times – enabling you to focus on your customers.

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Structured Cabling

Don’t overlook your physical cabling, let Zinq IT design and implement the bedrock of your infrastructure.

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VoIP Telephony

Leverage the full power of the Internet and migrate to a SIP-based VoIP phone system.

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Website Design and Hosting

The first place many people will see your brand – make sure it’s impactive and informative.

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WEEE Disposal

Let Zinq IT deal with the old as well as the new when it comes to technology.

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