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VoIP Telephony

Take your voice-based telecommunications to the next level with a SIP-based Voice over IP (VoIP) system implemented by Zinq IT. Make, take and route calls anywhere in the world, manage voicemails and run entire call centres – just some of the features available with our phone system. Leverage the power of your existing Internet connection and network infrastructure to deliver a cost-effective solution across your business.


As communication becomes predominantly automated and text-based, real-time dialogue through phone calls can make your clients feel more valued. Zinq IT’s VoIP systems provide high-quality voice transfer, helping your teams to communicate efficiently both internally and externally.


With our telephony services in place, your employees will be able to communicate over the phone internationally at minimal cost, wherever there’s Internet access you can make and receive calls as if you were at your desk. A true game-changer for employees who travel regularly!


Our 24/7 system monitoring will detect problems before they impact your VoIP systems, maintaining optimum performance, blocking fraudulent calls and assisting your employees with individual technical troubleshooting. Continuous platform and carrier-level upgrades keep you at the cutting edge of telecommunications technology.

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